Turkey and Bell Pepper Skewer




Do you like eating food on skewers? We are huge fans. We like it mostly on the fire, but oven is a good option too. For years we have been mostly eating pre-made ones from the butcher. I love the chicken covered in bacon with pineapple (yummy!). Those are actually very good, made in the same day with fresh ingredients.

But when I started my journey to lose weight, I made some changes that included reducing proceed meats (i.e. bacon…) and increase the amount of vegetables I ate (so I would not go hungry!). And I’ve come to realise skewers were actually a very good way to do this last point, as roasted veggies are supper tasty. You don’t feel like it is a shore to eat it – it is that good.

How to eat more vegetables – skewer style

I only do this when I have time and I’m in the right mood. After all, there is some work involved – but it is worth it. So, what do you need?

  • Vegetables: There are a ton of options to choose from. I love mixing bell peppers and onions. Mushrooms are also good, as well as zucchini or tomatoes.
  • Meat or fish: I like to include some protein in my skewers, as I like to make them the focus of the meal. Note that if you like your vegetables on the “well done” side be careful to put bi enough pieced of meat, otherwise it might get too dry.
  • Sauce: not absolutely necessary, but some seasoning can make a good difference. I usually use olive oil as a base; check below an example.
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Adjust Servings
200g turkey breast
80 g green bell pepper around 1/2
80g red bell pepper around 1/2
80g onion 1 medium
10ml olive oil
1 lime
Olive oil
Lime juice
Chili powder
Dry parsley
Garlic paste or powder
Salt and pepper

Nutritional Information

385kcal Calories
13g Fat
16g Carbs
50g Protein
4g Fiber



Turn on the oven

Turn on your oven on 210ºC (420ºF). I like to use the grill as well for this.
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Cut the pieces

Cut the meat and the vegetables with the adequate size for the skewers. Do not make the pieces too small because they with shrink – specially for the meat, because it can get too dry.
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Meat on the stick

Add the pieces to the skewers - you can get creative here. Join the pieces tight enough – but not so much that it becomes a “unique piece”.
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Add the seasoning

Mix the seasoning ingredients and brush it over the skewers. Make sure you cover every bit with it.
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Cook until ready

Add the meat to the oven and cook until golden and turn them around to cook the other side. I like it well done, so you can see there are some darker bits – it is up to you.
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Nutrition information is a rough estimate (for one serving)

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