Oven Roasted Ribs With Bell Pepper Paste

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If you are like me, there has been a time in your life when you focused on dieting. Usually before summer. Maybe every year.

(If this is not you and you just are just here for the recipe, please jump to the bottom, it is there!)

Alternatives to diet for weight loss

Now back to diet. I’ve been on and off dieting since I was in my late teens. Not successfully for quite some time, as you can imagine. How many women are still to this day living their lives still not happy with their body? How many women are still to this day constantly dieting? I think of all the years I’ve tried and failed to lose weight. How much I did not enjoy. How much I missed. And I know there are a lot of you out there who also go through this. Counting calories. Counting points. Not eating carbs. Not eating fat. Cutting all sugar. Not eating meals when you are hungry. Please, know this: there are other ways.

Today’s recipe is a great example of how far I went in my efforts. And how wrong I was. For some time, I did not eat ribs during the week. Only as a weekend “cheat meal”. Now let me ask you. Can you imagine why? There is nothing apparently wrong with ribs (especially considering how I make them).


They have bones…

And I could not discount the bones from the overall weight! So, I could not properly count the calories. There, I said it. It was so, so stupid. I spent years avoiding recipes with meat that had bones attached. Or switching to meat only – on detriment of flavour, as although we do not eat the bones, they add a lot of flavour to the dish.

But, there are alternatives to common “dieting” options. There are other approaches that do not require calorie counting and instead focus on our body hunger clues. That is where I am at right now – I am basically testing this kind of approach myself. So far, so good, as I have not gained any weight and have been feeling quite well both physically and emotionally in what regards food.

My basic roasted ribs seasoning

raw ribs with bell pepper seasoning

This brings us to today’s recipe, and my basic ribs seasoning. The most important ingredient is bell pepper paste – I usually get it from my mother or grandmother, but I will add a recipe soon. You can also buy it in the supermarket, even if it tastes different that homemade it will do the job. The you add also some garlic paste, garlic powder or simply crushed garlic. The one you have available will do just fine. And finally the dry seasoning that in this case were salt, pepper, paprika and some chilli powder. Then you rub the rubs very, very well, adding also some olive oil to spread it nicely. And you cook it.

Since I absolutely love bell peppers, besides seasoning the ribs with its paste I have also made a roasted bell pepper salad with this meal. Check it out:

Low carb lunch in the summer months

One final note. I do eat low carb meals from time to time. But only because I like to eat this way, not because I am restricting carbs. Especially during summer months, I prefer to have salad as side dish with my fish or meat. The temperatures are high, and I prefer something simple. That does not mean I do not eat carbs! I almost always finish my meal with fruit (which contain carbs…) or even eat some bread with the meal – more carbs! Just to leave this message, as it is ok to eat lunch as you want. There are no rules.

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Adjust Servings
Pork ribs
Bell pepper paste
Garlic paste, powder or minced
Chili powder
Salt and pepper



Preheat the over or prepare the fire

I did this in the oven, at 210ºC, with the grill part on.
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Season the meat

Add all the seasoning to the meat and spread them well.
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Roast the ribs as much as you like to make them to your personal taste! And enjoy.
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