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The great hamburger. For me there is nothing that represents better my weight gain. Or my lack of discipline.
But those days are long gone. I believe hamburgers have a place in my life. Sometimes from fast food chains, but more often homemade. And today I bring you the recipe I usually make at home.

How to season hamburger meat

My family is an advocate that meat does not really need a lot of seasoning. Especially when grilling it on the fire. Because if you really like meat you do not want to mask its flavour.

I’m going to deviate a bit on this one, as in the case of hamburgers grilled in the pan, some seasoning can make a lot of difference. And even prevent that you feel the need to add sauce after.

On this recipe I’ve used parsley, paprika, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. I usually just add the seasonings directly to the meat, but you can also make your own mix and keep it in a container for later use. You will notice there are no specific spices amounts in the recipe, but I’ve added a picture of this stage so you can see. I mostly season food without measuring. If you are not used to it, I encourage you to try – it’s quite liberating, and allows you to get creative and change things.

How to store the hamburgers

Ground meat should be consumed at maximum the day after its bought because it gets bad quicker than complete pieces. However, making hamburgers and seasoning the meat involves some work and I cannot do it every day.

So, to make things easier I usually buy larger amounts and season the whole thing the day I buy it. Then I make the patties (or meat balls) and put everything in the freezer. Remember to keep plastic film in between so you can then take only the ones you need for each meal.

Then you just take them out to defrost and cook them.

What bread should I use?

I used to buy hamburger bread when I made my “homemade” hamburgers.

Due to the ingredients those have I stopped buying them, and instead I make most of the bread I eat these days. This does not mean you need to do that – there are places where you can still buy good bread. I simply love eating while it is still warm from the oven (or pan!). For this recipe I’ve used a quick flatbread recipe I like to do when I’m in a hurry. I will add that recipe soon.

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Adjust Servings
100g ground beef
100g ground pork you can use only one meat type
1 small bread
For the seasoning
Dry parsley
Dry garlic powder
Garlic paste
Dry onion mix
Salt and pepper

Nutritional Information

538 kcal Calories
23g Fat
29g Carbs
43g Protein
1g Fiber



Seasoning the meat

Add the different spices to the meat. Mix it well. I don’t usually add egg, as I don’t choose specifically low-fat meat, so I never felt the need. It is usually used to make the hamburger stick together.
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Create the patties

For creating the patties, you can use a patty maker or not. I just make a ball and then flatten it gently. Using some plastic film below and on top can help. At this stage I store the ones I will not cook that day.
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Cook the meat

I add just a bit of olive oil to the pan, enough for it not to stick and cook both sides. Be careful not to overcook.
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Make the hamburger

Now it’s time to put everything together. In this day I added only the lettuce, but I suggest you add some onion and tomato to have more flavour and that crunch. Enjoy!
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Nutrition information is a rough estimate (for one serving)

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