Ground Meat With Veggies

30 minutes



I started eating more veggies trying to do “Asian style” recipes (like stir fried vegetables and noodles with some sort of sauce). I would cut them in very, very small pieces (I wanted to hide them!), but put as much variety as I could (onion, carrots, bell peppers… depending on what I had in the fridge each day).

How to start enjoying vegetables

All mixed together and with the sauce I would not notice so much the vegetables flavour and started getting used to them. Note that I didn’t like most of them. I would only eat onion which was so overcooked that it would dissolve in the mouth. I would not eat bell peppers even if I was paid. My husband didn’t even like carrots! So, yes, we wore almost a lost case.

So, we started eating a lot of noodles. With chicken, mostly, and some veggies. We started changing the veggies. Increasing the amount. Trying new ones to see how it would taste. And, in some time, we were broccoli fans and onion lovers. I started doing the same to other recipes (my Bolognese, for example, is full of veggies) and we saw the benefits. Our meals were still big – but there was less pasta and less meat. Which means, less calories, even without thinking about it.

In this recipe there is no pasta and no noodles because this is a low carb version I usually make when I want to reduce a bit the calories without feeling hungry – I prefer to increase the protein, as it helps me stay full for longer. Note that I still eat fruit after a meal. I do not remove from my diet any fruits of vegetables even if they are high in carbs, because I know those also have a lot of important micronutrients. I do not follow a low carb diet, but I do opt to eat some low carb meals from time to time.

Depending on your goal and your personal requirements you can add noodles to the recipe or even rice – but I believe the first would fit better with the ground meat.

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Adjust Servings
200g ground beef
100g broccoli around 1/2, depending on size
100g red bell pepper around 1/2
150g onion 1 or 2 depending on size
3 garlic cloves
Soy sauce
Ginger powder or ginger root
Chili powder
Rice vinegar
Sugar just a bit for flavour

Nutritional Information

560kcal Calories
27g Fat
27g Carbs
45g Protein
7g Fiber



Cut the onion

Start by cutting the onion and add it to the heated pan with oil. I usually use a normal pan because I work better that way, but you can use a wok.
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Cut the other vegetables

While the onion cooks, start cutting the other vegetables. I usually do this in a specific order because I will be adding them as I cut – so I start with the ones I like cooked longer. In this case I started with the garlic, then the bell peppers and finally the broccoli (which I only add after the meat).
You should adapt this for your personal taste. If you do not like the bell pepper soft, as I do, you can add it last, for example. If you do not like the broccoli so “crispy” you should add it before the meat.
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Adding the meat

After the vegetables are a bit cooked you can add the meat to the pan. At this point is where I add any seasonings (usually after some minutes, when it’s already a bit cooked). For this recipe I added: pepper, soy sauce, ginger powder, chilli powder, sugar (just a tsp!) and rice vinegar.
If you like your broccoli on the raw side, add it only when the meat is almost ready.
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Cook until ready

Once the meat is perfectly cooked take it from the stove and serve. You can add some sesame seeds on top!
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