Cottage Mac And Cheese

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When I started my journey to lose weight, I decided I would not cut any specific food or food group. I was completely against doing that, as I always believed moderation was the key.

The problem was the moderation part. Now I know that for certain types of food I am not particularly good at practicing moderation while eating. So, I tried a different type of moderation. I buy less. Buy only enough for the weekend. Or I don’t even buy it at all. That last one has worked wonders. If it’s not there, I cannot eat it.

My battle with cheese

Cheese was one of those cases. I really love cheese. I can eat crazy amounts. Do you know when you make a grilled sandwich and you get those little pieces of melted cheese that gets crunchy? Those are great right? I used to skip the sandwich and just grill the cheese.

I honestly do not know how I never got fatter than I did.

I used to have 5+ different cheese varieties in the fridge. Usually 2 Portuguese cheese varieties (cow or goat and a mixed one), mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta and sometimes cream cheese. I even had 2 different types of butter at some point (did you know sheep butter tastes almost like cheese? Yeah… Goat butter is also very good, by the way).

Sorry, good memories there.

How I solved my cheese problem

Eating less cheese was the first step. I started buying only one variety and ate it with caution. It would be gone in 2 days, top. It didn’t work.

I started buying only for the weekend, for specific recipes. Worked, but I missed it too much. Plus, I still ate the whole thing, thus sometimes hurting my progress. My old mac and cheese recipe contained 1500 kcal per person – and it had crazy amounts of fat.

I decided I had to cut it temporarily. This was hard. Very hard.

Finally, I discovered cottage cheese. Let me tell you something. I usually do not go to food replacements or “light” versions of normal food. I’m a huge advocate of eating the real deal.

But I liked cottage. I didn’t mind the curds, I liked it tasted like cheese. But I was not so crazy about it that I would eat the whole package in one sitting (the packs I buy have 2 servings for my needs). I enjoy eating it as it is, with some salt and pepper or as a desert (adding jam for example).

And that brings us to today’s recipe. Although I cannot say this mac and cheese is the same of my old one, I can tell you it exceeded my expectations. And, for a pasta-based meal it packs a lot of protein due to the cottage and the skyr, making you feel full for longer. Plus, it is super easy and quick to make.

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Adjust Servings
80g pasta
80g cottage cheese
60g skyr yogurt
50ml milk
Salt and pepper to taste

Nutritional Information

455 kcal Calories
7g Fat
69g Carbs
27g Protein
3g Fiber




Cook the pasta according to the package. Don’t forget the salt. In case you prefer the pasta not too cooked you might want to take it a minute or so before, because it is still going to cook a bit after with the cheese.
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Mix the yogurt and the cottage and blend it until smooth. This is not mandatory, but will greatly improve the consistency of the sauce, plus making the cooking part quicker.
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Mix it with the pasta

Once the pasta is ready you can drain the water and add the sauce. Mix it up and add some milk if needed to make it creamier.
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Cook until ready

You can now cook it until the sauce starts to boil. And then leave only for 2 or 3 minutes in low heat. In case you have not blend the cottage, you might need to keep it there for a while longer for the curds to melt. Add some pepper if you like, it’s ready.
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Nutrition information is a rough estimate (for one serving)

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