store bought turkey skewers with lard and bell pepper

How To Make Healthy Meat Skewers

Today’s post is an updated recipe with healthy swaps! This time, on meat and vegetable skewers focused on weight loss.

Food on a stick – so many possible variations. Still I always see the same ones when I go to the supermarket. Maybe other places have different options, but where I’m from the one I’m showing today is very common. And there is nothing absolutely wrong about it, but I think we can do better and improve.

Let’s jump into it and deconstruct the skewers:

deconstructed store bought turkey skewers with lard and bell pepper
Deconstructed meat skewers

So, we have here around 400g of turkey meat (breast), 80g of lard and 50g of green bell pepper (not even a portion of vegetables). Considering this package has 2 servings, we have the following:

food in store bought meat skewers

Improving the recipe for weight loss

How can we improve this? I will focus on changes that will help on losing weight.

First, I’m taking out the lard to reduce the amount of calories. Although you could eat the lard, even dieting, removing it allows you to free some of your calories budget and apply in other foods that might make you feel fuller for longer. Take into account 40g of lard has more than 350 kcal – yup, 40g, the value included in one portion of the above skewers.

Now the vegetables. You could eat these skewers as they are and add vegetables as a side plate. But why waste such a good opportunity to cook some amazingly tasty vegetables on the stick? Roasting vegetables is one of the ways to make them easier to eat, even for the ones that usually do not like vegetables. The browned bits give a lot of additional flavour and the overall dish looks yummier. Note this version has less than ¼ of a portion of bell peppers. I will be ambitious and increase that to 3 portions – adding more the weight loss efforts by eating more volume of food for few added calories.

And I’m not touching the meat on this case. For me, the portion of turkey is just right – 200g per person. Some might think this is a bit too much, but because it is high in protein it will help us feel full for longer. Plus, this is already a lean meat – turkey. So, no change there.

food in homemade skewers
vegetables and turkey skewers *bell pepper and onion(

Quite good looking, right? You can check out here the full recipe of the bell pepper skewers (I’ve made them with lime sauce!).

The taste test

Are we compromising flavour? I don’t think so. Yes, the lard would make it a bit more yummy, but in exchange we have added different bell peppers and onions – and this last ones give the recipe some boost, specially the browned parts that have almost “caramelized”.

So no, we have not compromised flavour, the opposite. We improved it.

Nutrition change

As usual we have here the changes in the nutritional values for this recipe. Note that these include also 10ml of olive oil used for the cooking, in both cases.

Before we had almost 700kcal for what I would consider an incomplete meal, as we would always want to add some sort of side plate, which means we could easily reach 1000kcal. That is a lot for someone trying to lose weight. If you are a small frame like me, and your limit is 1200kcal a day to ensure you lose some fat, then this meal will not serve you well.

Now, the second is a low calories option that for most people still leaves room for a side plate while managing to stay in calorie deficit.

Hope this is helpful. Have you also changed your recipes to adapt to your fitness journey? Let me know in the comments!


turkey skewers nutrients


turkey skewers nutrients, with bell peppers

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