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My name is Sara Malta. I started this page to share my journey on eating better and getting fit. And hopefully help others like me.

If you want to have better eating habits, or if you’re having trouble losing weight and sick of quick fixes and crazy diets, this might be the place for you.

What you will find here:

Simple Recipes

Mostly healthy, some just good. Always easy to put together. No complex stuff or hard to find ingredients

Cooking Tips

On how to cook healthy food that actually tastes good. Enjoying good food will help you reduce cravings for other stuff


You can call them routines, but what matters is making your life easier, helping you stick to your new eating habits

A little bit about my journey…

I’ve gained weight after starting a relationship (cliché right?). The relationship never ended (thankfully, married now 😊) but the weight also stuck with me.

The years passed, and while I managed to lose some of the weight I never came back to my former self. I would lose a bit for the summer and gain it back during the wintertime again.

But I never gave up, and progressively I changed my diet without even noticing it too much. Each time I would gain less weight than I lost and eventually I got to a point where I saw it was working. And then it hit me. It was working! That was the motivation I needed to continue that last bit. Eventually I decided that the last bit could be a little more than I imagined – and that is where I’m going now!

I want to help you get there without such a complicated ride, because the steps were there – I just wasn’t sure it would work. And because I wasn’t sure, I would not stick to it as much as I should. But you can do better than me, and get results faster (not crazy faster either, but not years like I took).

I must say starting to exercise the right way was also a major point, and I can thank my husband for that (the original coachM). But I wouldn’t have gotten there without a good diet.

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